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Since I'm too beat today to do the second installment of my Mardi Gras 2011 updates, here's a brief recap of weekend stuff accomplished.

We had a bunch of folks over Sunday for post-Mardi Gras party (exchanging crap that folks left in each others rooms/luggage/etc, sorting out a forgotten bag of beads, viewing photos, breaking open and distributing the Severed Hats Box and Swords Box, etc) which included the final recap of the 2011 Carnival Season and the first plans for 2012 (le Cirque du Mal and Golden Age of Science Fiction... Wooot!). There was also impromptu costume exchange (Thanks, Eleanor!), re-beading the tree out front with broken throws from this year and much hanging about. This shindig also provided me with an opportunity to break in my new enameled cast-iron pot (Thanks, World Market) by making a big batch of cassoulet (lamb, pork and sausage - and bacon). There was also brandy milk punch (Thanks, [ profile] ginger_rose!).

Finally managed to get to the gym three days running (including today). I've been a monstrous slacker since I got back from New Orleans which is especially bad considering that in the two months before the trip I only missed 4 days of gymness. My pecs hurt.

Got the house back into reasonable shape after its highly cluttered state (starting about two weeks before we actually left and ending sometime Saturday - so, say a bit more than a month). It is not for nothing that [ profile] kitteblue and I refer to our house as "back stage" most of the time.

Purchased tickets for the Grand Ball at Gadsby's Tavern next month. Dance practice begins this Thursday. Which I need in the worst way possible as I have done no 18th Cenury dancing whatsoever in the last two years. Renaissance, yes. Swing, yes. Medieaval, yes. But since I had to drop out of the Living History Foundation's dance practices when I started my new job (scheduling conflict) there has not been the slightest scintilla of 18th C. dancing with Kitty in my life, so I will be happy to start again although I suspect that I am rusty enough to induce tetanus on unsuspecting bystanders.

Reading (fiction) Agincourt by Bernard Cornwell
Reading (nonfiction) A Knight at the Movies: Medieval History on Film by John Aberth

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